When the bundle starts, it tracks for Driver services registered in the framework, in order to offer an interface for handling them, arranged into several tabs:

  • Network
  • Messages
  • Nodes
  • Devices
  • Gateway

As Driver relies on the availability of a Gateway and an underlying SerialConnection, a first tab allows manual creation of a SerialConnection for connecting with the dongle.

Network Tab

This tab provides access to general Network management operations.

Specifically, it allows Network creation (wheter preconfigured networks or custom networks) and joining.

Once joined to a network, it is possible to scan for nodes in the network, and list them.

Messaging Tab

Here it is displayed a general message trafic log, allowing sending new messages to nodes or resend previous messages from the history.

Nodes Tab

This tab provides access to ZigbeeNode operations.

Nodes are categorized depending on its type, and it is possible accessing to node registers', as well as discovering its relations with another nodes and their implemented ZigbeeDevices.

Devices Tab

This tab provides access to ZigbeeDevice operations.

ZigbeeDevices are listed below their ZigbeeNodes, and it is possible sending messages to the ZigbeeDevice and discover their in/out clusters.

Gateway Tab

This tab provices access to Gateway related operations, mainly for debugging purpposes, and requireing deep understanding of the Telegesis Dondle.