Usual way for installing OSGi bundles is downloading the bundle of interest, and installing it on the framework, by issuing a command like install file:path_to_bundle.jar, or, in the case of using karaf, you can simply copy the bundle into the deploy directory under karaf installation path, and karaf automatically will install and will start the bundle.

Current stable release (telegesis-driver-gui-1.7) can be downloaded from here).

Alternatively, you can get the sources, as described in the source repository section (may require permissions), and build the project to make the bundle instead of downloading from the repository.

Maven installation

However, if you are using Karaf, you can install directly the bundle into the framework by executing:

karaf@root> osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-driver-gui[/version]

That will install the bundle using the pax.url.mvn maven resolver available on Karaf, and to use such feature, it is required to indicate the resolver where is the maven repository where the es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis-telegesis-driver-gui bundle can be found.

To do so, it is required to modify the etc/org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg file, searching for the org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.repositories key and adding the HOWLab maven repositories defined in the distribution management page:

Note: Have a look at the bundle dependencies page to identify required bundles.

OBR installation

Under Karaf, it's also possible to install the bundle with the OBR (OSGi Bundle Repository) format, by using the obr feature and adding our repository url.

To do so, we can do the following on the Karaf's console:

karaf@root> features:install obr
karaf@root> obr:addUrl
karaf@root> obr:deploy "Howlab::Zigbee Telegesis::Driver GUI"

That will resolve the required dependencies for the bundle, and will try to install them when installing the bundle.

Note: It may fails if some dependencies are not in the repository, but it can be generally solved by installing them in the local repository, which occur when compiling the source.