Zmota MOVE – Bachimala (v 2.0.)

Zmota MOVE Bachimala is a wireless device capable of capturing the movement of the person through a triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetic field sensor. Also it brings  a RFID reader. It has been designed to be used as interface. This device has born as result of the degree thesis in Technical Electronic Engineer of Eduardo Molina at the University of Zaragoza.

This device could be used as:

  • Human motion capture for  computer interface applications.
  • Augmented reality applications
  • Remote controller
  • Activity monitoring
  • Free-fall detection
  • Complementary system for tracking tele-rehabilitation treatment (activity monitor, step counter, etc.)
  • Indoor location (via ZigBee)
  • etc


Based on the PIC18F24J11:

  • Architecture: 8-bit
  • CPU Speed:  12 MIPS
  • Memory Type Flash
  • Program Memory (KB) 16
  • RAM Bytes 3,800
  • Free MPLAB© Integrated Development Environment
  • Free C compilers (CCS demo edition)
  • Single-Supply In-Circuit Serial Programming™ (ICSP™) and In-Circuit Debug (ICD). Connection without programming header, “Tag-Connect In-Circuit Cable No Legs” (Part Number: TC2030-MCP-NL) is used instead.
  • Deep Sleep mode ideal for battery applications
  • Peripheral Pin Select for mapping digital peripherals to various I/O for design flexibility


It includes the  SkyeModule M1-mini  Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) module (SkyeModule M1-mini):

  • Extremely low-profile and low-power consumption RFID read/write module
  •  Standar Host Interface options include TTl, SPI and I2C
  • Works at 13,56MHz for use with most industry standar tags and smart labels (including ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 18000-3)
  • Enhanced Noise Filtering for better RF performance
  • On-board antenna provides up to 90mm range with 180 mW maximum output power
  • Firmare can be upgrade in the field for product updates
  • Tiny Footprint – 25.4 mm diameter


This device is designed to work together with the 9 Degrees of Freedom – Sensor Stick which includes the next sensors:

Sensor to measure linear acceleration (adxl345):

  • Ultra compact low-power three axes linear accelerometer.
  • SPI (3- and 4-wire) and I2C digital interfaces.
  • User-selectable resolution (Fixed 10-bit / Full resolution up to 13-bits at 16g)
  • Measurement ranges selectable via serial command
  • Output data rate up to 3200Hz
  • 10,000 g  shock survival
  • Small and thin: 3 mm × 5 mm × 1 mm LGA package

Sensor to measure angular acceleration (itg-3200):

  • Triple-axis MEMS gyroscope  that  includes a wide range of features.
  • I2C/SPI serial interface.
  • Sensitivity  of  14.375  LSBs per °/sec and a full-scale range of ±2000°/sec
  • Three  integrated 16-bit ADCs provide simultaneous sampling of gyros while requiring no external multiplexer
  • Output data rate up to 8000Hz
  • 10,000 g shock tolerant
  • Smallest and thinnest package for portable devices (4x4x0.9mm QFN)

Magnetic sensor to improve precision (hmc-5843):

  • 3-Axis magnetoresistive sensors and ASIC in a single package
  •  I2C/SPI serial interface.
  • Wide Magnetic Field Range (+/-6 Oe)
  • Output data rate up to 50hz
  • 4.0 x 4.0 x 1.3mm Low Height Profile LCC Surface Mount Package


Z mota MOVE Bachimala could be powered by batteries with a DC voltage between:

  • 2.7V (without RFID module) and 3.7V
  • 3.3V (with RFID module) and 3.7 V


2,4 GHz ZigBee Pro wireless standard protocol:

  •  Based in ETRX357 Telegesis module with Ember EM357 chipset with two different firmware options:
  • Mesh networking support with thousands of nodes in same network, support of mobile nodes, security and data encryption
  • ZigBee Manufacturer Specific Profile guaranteeing interoperability:
    • do not interfere with existing ZigBee Networks in a malicious way
    • can join a 3rd party ZigBee PRO network and use its routing capabilities
    • can allow 3rd party nodes to join into a network and use its routing capabilities
  • Different ZigBee profiles can be implemented just with firmware changes; for example, Zigbee Smart Energy when connected to meters.
  • Configuration as router, sleepy end device or mobile device.


Z-mota MOVE Balaitus has been licensed under the CERN OHL version 1.1.


  • Eduardo Molina
  • Rubén Blasco (HOWLab)


Firmware versions
  • ZMota_Bachimala Base App:
    • Description: This firmware allows to do a data capture of the 9DOF inertial sensor in three axis, with a sampling frequency of ten miliseconds, and continous search for identifier of RFID tags in field, combined in three different operating modes. The operating mode could be changed both by pressing the function button and by the execution of especific commands trough PC terminal. Also is possible to control hardware specific functions and configure the device with this method.
    • License: GPL 3
    • Source code:
    • Others documents:
      • Main commands

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Pictures and videos

Video de demostracion Z Mota Move 2 from rblasco on Vimeo.