ZigBee Pro module specially designed for Arduino with following characteristics:

  • pinout 100% compatible with XBee modules
  • powerful and easy Arduino library
  • stand-alone modes (even without Arduino) and small prototype area to build tiny sensors and actuators
  • easily convertible into a router to extend network coverage…just add a power supply
  • easily convertible into a USB gateway…just connect FTDI cable
  • network management software
  • certified ZigBee pro:
    • providing compatibility with 3rd party certified modules (which means…they won’t interfere in a malicious way, can join existing network and use routing capabilities, allow 3rd party devices to join and use routing capabilities)
    • able to handle and implement ZigBee standard clusters and profiles.
    • mesh networking support with thousands of nodes in same network, support of mobile nodes, security and data encryption
    • configuration as coordinator, router, sleepy end device or mobile device.
  • low power modes

Use cases

Beeduina can work in many different scenarios with two different configurations:

  • MODEM: As a ZigBee modem connected to Arduino same way you would connect a XBee module
  • STAND-ALONE: As a  tiny wireless sensor that can work autonomously 


  • Communication port (UART)
  • 2 Analog input
  • 2 digital IOs



  • Schematic and gerber


  • Beduina library– Beta version. License under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public  as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or any later version.
    • Copy the library in ..\arduino-1.0\libraries and restart the interface.
    • Library description:  Library to manage the Beeduina in Arduino.Current state. Beta version.
      Enable manage a ZigBee node from Arduino:
      Configure a ZigBee node
      Create/Join to a ZigBee PRO network with security
      Send and receive messages
      Low power mode (included in the next version)
      Configure simple build-in functions

Related software

All the software developed in Zeta project can be used, specially useful applications:

  • Zeta Terminal: Software (java based) to sniff ZigBee communication. It also has a socket server to allow connection to any other software…a tool for hardware/firmware/software developers
  • Zeta Manager: Software (java based) that allows full management and commissioning of ZigBee networks…a tool for network users and installers
  • Zeta DevKit (maintenance app): Software (java based) intended for developers working with ZetaDevices.


Developed by HOWLab (Ángel Asensio, Roberto Casas, Rubén Blasco), under the CERN OHL version 1.1.