Zeta DevKit


Zeta DevKit  is an OSGi application service intended to provide Developer tools for working with ZetaProject Devices. It comprises the graphical tools from Serial Layer and Zigbee Layers (and required bundles), deployed into an Apache Karaf  OSGi Framework.

To get ZetaDevKit, you must configure Karaf to know where the Openlab Releases Repository is (see here for an example on how to do this), and deploy the following bundles by executing on the Karaf’s console:

>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.easyjavalib/easyjavalib-core/1.1
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.thirdparty/rxtx-lib/1.2
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.io.serial/serial-api/1.8
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.io.serial/serial-impl/1.8
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.io.serial/serial-gui/1.8
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.io.serial/serial-socket/1.8
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-gateway-api/LATEST
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-gateway-impl/LATEST
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-driver-api/LATEST
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-driver-impl/LATEST
>osgi:install mvn:es.unizar.howlab.core.zigbee.telegesis/telegesis-driver-gui/LATEST

Alternatively, if you are not familiar with Karaf, you can download a pre-installed ZetaDevKit packaged distribution, unzip it and execute the “run.bat” file to launch the app. You may also execute “run-clean.bat”, which will clean Karaf cache prior to launch the framework, and will force to download again the bundles (Note that ZigbeeLayer bundles refer to LATEST versions, i.e, last deployed snapshot version).

For instructions on how to use the ZetaDevKit, follow the telegesis-driver-gui artifact usage notes and the serial-gui artifact usage notes.


Developed by HOWLab, under GNU General Public License v3.0 and The Apache Software License, Version 2.0